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We are a recruiting agency for the placement of doctors and healthcare professionals from all over Europe into Switzerland. The basis for this is our position as master licence holder of the international Helvetia Med® licensing system. Through this we hold general licences for Great Britain, France, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The general licences are characterized by a bi-national cooperation and the respective country-specific practices. As European headquarters, we support and coordinate all European general licence partners - with their respective territorial licensees - in their respective countries. These tasks include:

  • development, provision and support in the areas of consulting, training, joint market presence including CI and IT solutions
  • communication with Swiss employers and public authorities
  • solving country-specific challenges
  • network extension and maintenance
  • international coordination of network partners
  • development and implementation of the country-specific licence partner systems
  • supporting the master licencor Helvetia Med AG in the worldwide marketing of their protected licensing system

The competence of our employees (years of experience in the fields of medical and clinical consulting, construction, distribution and management of licensing systems, etc.) in Switzerland as well as our partners throughout Europe give us the opportunity to offer the full spectrum to our licensees.



We are the master license holder of the Helvetia Med® licensing system for Europe. Our general licensees and their area licensees have exclusive rights to refer European physicians to leading Swiss employers and to provide access to a unique network of international experts.

Helvetia Med® license system

Through the licensee, the doctors willing to transfer, have Europe wide access to a personal, experienced and professional contact person, who will respond to all questions, requests and concerns. Thanks to the large network and the personal consultation of the license partner on site, individual solutions are developed.


  • Central contact for Europe to coordinate all country-specific tasks
  • Support in marketing, education, IT, finance etc.
  • Proven, content-coordinated, interdisciplinary functioning and thus innovative platform for answering all questions
  • Central administration

Take the first step into a satisfied, financially secure future and arrange an information meeting with your adviser.

We do not collect data or CVs.

Many competitors require your CV upfront before they divulge any important information about the job offer and the associated opportunities, thus requiring you to share in-depth personal and professional information. Even if there is no successful referral, your data will be actively used by these agencies in in-house and foreign databases for years to come. We think that's wrong.

With us, you as a doctor and as a person are in focus. Our work is not based on the collection of this data, but on the positive cooperation of two equal partners, who aim to achieve an optimal result in one or more personal and discreet conversations. Only after successful completion of these do we expect a current curriculum vitae, to complete the preparation of the necessary information for the right employer and to guarantee an optimized transfer!

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